Lighting Services

Add These Upgrades To Your Event!

Gobo/Monogram Your Name In Lights!

These are very popular and look very elegant. We can project your name, monogram, or logo in lights onto a wall, back drop or dance floor. Our Gobos are made from glass to create any design you prefer, and once manufactured is then inserted into a projector. All of the design work is custom made and included in the price. The monogram or names look incredible. You keep the gobo after your event as a keep sake.

Up Lighting

No matter what color you choose for your wedding day, you can even further enhance the room and wow your guests with some beautiful up lighting techniques. Up-lighting will dress up any room, even the drabbest of old school country clubs that need that special extra touch. Lighting creates atmosphere and is a nice trick for upgrading the vibe of a more budget conscious venue choice, or even further enhancing an upscale reception or event location. This new lighting trend is perfect for adding beautiful colors, depth and dimension to any event.

Intelligent Lighting/Lasers/Moving Lights

Intelligent lighting is the state of the art way to light up the dance floor with moving visuals, lasers, and lots of color. The lights are similar to those used in high end clubs and concert venues. They look totally stunning.