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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top Three Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Rather than watching mistakes happen at wedding after wedding, it may be time to attend event management school and learn how to plan weddings. With this education, the aspiring wedding planner can avoid all three of the biggest wedding planning mistakes listed below and make sure that every bride and groom has the best day of their lives.

Choosing a Venue That is the Wrong Size

Every couple has the potential to fall in love with a certain space and they absolutely must have their wedding there. While the wedding planner wants to make the couple happy, the wedding planner must also be practical in their assessment of the situation. If the wedding planner knows the size of the invitee pool, they must make sure to lead the couple to places that will be the right size for their ceremony. Otherwise, the wedding will be packed and people will be uncomfortable all day.

Choosing Entertainment That is not Appropriate

When the couple wants to have entertainment at their reception, they must be led in the direction of entertainment that is appropriate for the audience at their reception.  The wedding planner must consider what the audience will like and lead the couple to a choice that makes sense for everyone in attendance.

Bad Food

While this may sound like fun, it is the job of a wedding planner to taste all of the food that a caterer or chef is going to prepare before it is served to the people at the wedding. While the tasting may have been fantastic when the bride and groom were present, the wedding planner must ensure that the quality of the food is as high as it was when the bride and groom tasted. Otherwise, the entire reception could be ruined by food that is not off the right menu or that is not up to the standards the couple is expecting.

In each of these cases, a wedding planner who has an event management school certificate can lead a wedding in a direction that is going to be beautiful for the couple, enjoyable for the guests and up to the standards that the couple wants and is paying for. People see these problems happen every day, but they can make a career change and make beautiful weddings for every bride and groom that hires them.

Visit http://www.trebas.com ~Trebas Institute for more information on event management school.

Patrick Quinn is a Copywriter at Higher Education Marketing, a leading web marketing firm specializing in Google Analytics, Education Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click Marketing, among other web marketing services and tools.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You are now engaged; you've set a 
wedding date, and now you need to find a wedding
photographer. You naturally want to have a wedding
album to look at years from now that captured your
special day and the special moments.

Using a Professionl Wedding Photographer is highly
recommended because this can make a huge
difference in the resultsyou get. 

So how can you find the photographer that will be right  
for you and one who will do a good job? 

1.  If you're using an Event Planner, that's the first 
person you can consult with as he or she will have a
recommended list of photographers for you to choose from.

2.   Another way to find someone is to talk to people who
have recently gotten married and have had pictures
done. Find out who they used and whether they were

Talk with the photographer -

Once you have found a few photographers, go and talk
with them to find out what their rates are. Find out
what kinds of packages and add-ons they offer and,
of course, if they are available on your wedding date.
If you 
haven’t been referred to them by someone you
trust, you might 
want to ask to see samples of their
work and 

Wedding pictures are a big part of your day, and
there’s no second chance to get them done if they
don’t turn out right the first time so it’s important
to know that you are choosing the right person for the

The fact that you're reading this article means that
you are somehow connected with me. I partner with 
Professional Photographers, Wedding Planners, Caterers,
Florists, and other professionals in the wedding industry,
and will be happy to connect you with Professional 
Wedding Photographers with impeccable track record.

Contact me by email or phone or send me a message on 
Facebook, and you'll have one more thing to check off
your list.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reasons Why You Need an Event Planner for Your Wedding

Blog/eventplanning.jpgRecently I was asked, "Do I really need an Event Planner for my wedding? "  My answer to that was, "Yes, I would recommend that you hire an Event Planner."  Here are some reasons why hiring an Event Planner for your wedding is a good decision.

Anyone who has ever been involved in planning a large event, especially one as involved as a wedding knows that there is a lot to do.  There are many things to take into account that are very important and can impact the success of the event.

In my experience as a Professional DJ I've performed at large and small events, especially weddings, and I've seen where minor details are often overlooked leading to scrambling at the last minute.

An experienced Event Planner will not allow those seemingly small details to be overlooked because he or she knows the significance of each one and will have a checklist to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Some people like to be fully involved, and have time to do so, but they too can benefit by hiring an Event Planner who will act as an assistant ensuring that tasks are scheduled and finished in a timely way.

If you are new to planning a large event and are uncertain of simple, but important details like how much food to prepare to adequately feed your guests, the order of events, proper lighting, selecting the right type of music to match your audience, and much more, I recommend you seek the help of an Event Planner. 

Not sure where to find an experienced Event Planner?  I work with many Event Planners, and I invite you to contact me and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Hire a Professional DJ for Your Holiday Office Party

You've booked the venue, you've sent out the guest list, you've ordered the food. You've even remembered to assign someone from the office to take photos. This is going to be simply the best office holiday party. All 50 persons who RSVP'd, and their spouses or significant others, will have a great time. But wait! Something is missing. You forgot to hire a professional DJ for your Holiday Office Party.

Do you have to hire a DJ to have a successful holiday party? Not at all, you have other choices. You can arrange to have a CD player and bring your music collection, and even ask others to bring their favorite CDs. Or, you could use Pandora, keeping in mind that the free version is interspersed with commercials, or you may come up with other bright ideas.

Why should you hire a professional DJ? Here are two compelling reasons why you should hire a professional DJ for your holiday office party.

1.  Ability to read the crowd: One of the things that can make or break your office party is keeping up the energy in the room. A professional DJ is equipped and experienced enough to 'read' a crowd of people. If he sees that the energy level is going down, he knows how to use music to re-energize the crowd by getting people out of their seats and on the floor dancing and having fun.

2.  Taste in music is highly subjective. What may be considered the best in music for one person may be the most boring or unappealing sound to someone else. While it's may be impossible to please all 100 or so attendees 100%, because of the wide variety of music a professional DJ has, as well as resources, it's much more likely that he or she will be in a position to satisfy almost everyone's taste in music at some point during the event.

Keeping in mind that music can set the tone for your holiday office party, it makes sense to pay careful attention to your choice of music and how the music is delivered. Hiring a professional DJ will provide both elements so you have a party that will make others see you as the Best Office Party Planner.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Wedding Decorations Can Add Spice to Your Wedding Day

Are you planning a fall wedding? Not sure what to do about fall wedding decorations? Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in the year.  In the northern part of the United States, as well as in countries other than those with a tropical climate, it’s the time when leaves change colors and there is a break from greenery to shades of yellow, orange, and brown. Interestingly, in literature across the ages, fall has been used to symbolize a time of renewal - often both the end of something and the beginning of a new life.  Isn’t this exactly what a wedding symbolizes for the bride and groom?

Many people, who are not professional event planners, may find it more challenging to come up with decorative ideas for a fall wedding, but it really takes a little collaboration and imagination to come up with simple, but great ideas to create beautiful, decorative ideas for your fall wedding.  And, remember that even if you live in a warm climate where the leaves do not change, you can use the following tips to create your own fall wedding decorations.

1.  The aisle or path for the bridal party:  Line the aisle or path with orange and brown leaves.  These can be real if an outdoor or more informal wedding; or they may be leaves made of fabric or other type of material for a more formal indoor church wedding.

2.  Ferns and wheat can create a beautiful atmosphere and provide a backdrop that represents fall.  There are other plants and flowers with fall colors that can be used to decorate the reception area.

3.  Getting creative with decorations for your fall wedding can also include a centerpiece on each table to include a votive candle and non-flammable leaves.  You could also include seasonal fruits and vegetables like mini-pumpkins, gourds, and squash.  Just imagine the beauty of a setting of yellow, orange, and green fruits or vegetables on a silver or gold charger with a candle in the centre!

Colors are definitely very important in achieving the maximum effect for your fall wedding decorations.  With a little imagination and planning your fall wedding can be spectacular and memorable.


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