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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reasons Why You Need an Event Planner for Your Wedding

Blog/eventplanning.jpgRecently I was asked, "Do I really need an Event Planner for my wedding? "  My answer to that was, "Yes, I would recommend that you hire an Event Planner."  Here are some reasons why hiring an Event Planner for your wedding is a good decision.

Anyone who has ever been involved in planning a large event, especially one as involved as a wedding knows that there is a lot to do.  There are many things to take into account that are very important and can impact the success of the event.

In my experience as a Professional DJ I've performed at large and small events, especially weddings, and I've seen where minor details are often overlooked leading to scrambling at the last minute.

An experienced Event Planner will not allow those seemingly small details to be overlooked because he or she knows the significance of each one and will have a checklist to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Some people like to be fully involved, and have time to do so, but they too can benefit by hiring an Event Planner who will act as an assistant ensuring that tasks are scheduled and finished in a timely way.

If you are new to planning a large event and are uncertain of simple, but important details like how much food to prepare to adequately feed your guests, the order of events, proper lighting, selecting the right type of music to match your audience, and much more, I recommend you seek the help of an Event Planner. 

Not sure where to find an experienced Event Planner?  I work with many Event Planners, and I invite you to contact me and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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