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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Hire a Professional DJ for Your Holiday Office Party

You've booked the venue, you've sent out the guest list, you've ordered the food. You've even remembered to assign someone from the office to take photos. This is going to be simply the best office holiday party. All 50 persons who RSVP'd, and their spouses or significant others, will have a great time. But wait! Something is missing. You forgot to hire a professional DJ for your Holiday Office Party.

Do you have to hire a DJ to have a successful holiday party? Not at all, you have other choices. You can arrange to have a CD player and bring your music collection, and even ask others to bring their favorite CDs. Or, you could use Pandora, keeping in mind that the free version is interspersed with commercials, or you may come up with other bright ideas.

Why should you hire a professional DJ? Here are two compelling reasons why you should hire a professional DJ for your holiday office party.

1.  Ability to read the crowd: One of the things that can make or break your office party is keeping up the energy in the room. A professional DJ is equipped and experienced enough to 'read' a crowd of people. If he sees that the energy level is going down, he knows how to use music to re-energize the crowd by getting people out of their seats and on the floor dancing and having fun.

2.  Taste in music is highly subjective. What may be considered the best in music for one person may be the most boring or unappealing sound to someone else. While it's may be impossible to please all 100 or so attendees 100%, because of the wide variety of music a professional DJ has, as well as resources, it's much more likely that he or she will be in a position to satisfy almost everyone's taste in music at some point during the event.

Keeping in mind that music can set the tone for your holiday office party, it makes sense to pay careful attention to your choice of music and how the music is delivered. Hiring a professional DJ will provide both elements so you have a party that will make others see you as the Best Office Party Planner.

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