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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Wedding Decorations Can Add Spice to Your Wedding Day

Are you planning a fall wedding? Not sure what to do about fall wedding decorations? Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in the year.  In the northern part of the United States, as well as in countries other than those with a tropical climate, it’s the time when leaves change colors and there is a break from greenery to shades of yellow, orange, and brown. Interestingly, in literature across the ages, fall has been used to symbolize a time of renewal - often both the end of something and the beginning of a new life.  Isn’t this exactly what a wedding symbolizes for the bride and groom?

Many people, who are not professional event planners, may find it more challenging to come up with decorative ideas for a fall wedding, but it really takes a little collaboration and imagination to come up with simple, but great ideas to create beautiful, decorative ideas for your fall wedding.  And, remember that even if you live in a warm climate where the leaves do not change, you can use the following tips to create your own fall wedding decorations.

1.  The aisle or path for the bridal party:  Line the aisle or path with orange and brown leaves.  These can be real if an outdoor or more informal wedding; or they may be leaves made of fabric or other type of material for a more formal indoor church wedding.

2.  Ferns and wheat can create a beautiful atmosphere and provide a backdrop that represents fall.  There are other plants and flowers with fall colors that can be used to decorate the reception area.

3.  Getting creative with decorations for your fall wedding can also include a centerpiece on each table to include a votive candle and non-flammable leaves.  You could also include seasonal fruits and vegetables like mini-pumpkins, gourds, and squash.  Just imagine the beauty of a setting of yellow, orange, and green fruits or vegetables on a silver or gold charger with a candle in the centre!

Colors are definitely very important in achieving the maximum effect for your fall wedding decorations.  With a little imagination and planning your fall wedding can be spectacular and memorable.


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