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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your Holiday Party Planning Checklist Are You Ready?



It’s almost time to say “Hello and Welcome” to August.  This means that there are only four months before Corporate Parties and Holiday Parties get in full swing. Is your holiday party


 planning checklist ready?

Are you responsible for planning your Company’s end-of-year events?  Or, are you planning
private parties for a small office or even home parties?  Many companies book the location for their holiday event up to one year before, especially if you live in a town where suitable facilities are limited.

Many people often leave a number of things surrounding their holiday planning for the last two or three months only to find that they have added stress as venues they thought would be available are already booked out.  Here is a quick holiday party planning checklist to get you started on the right track:


  • Have your attendance list ready by the end of August so invitations can be sent out to print.
  • Know your numbers. Get an approximate figure of how many people will be invited to attend so you can start looking for venues, if that has not been done. Be prepared with questions and ask the same questions for each possible venue.  Questions include, do they have a package just for the holidays, what types of drinks will be included in the price, how long will you have the venue, do they assist with set-up?  Some places will allow you to bring in your own caterer as they provide the venue only.  Others will allow only their own catering. Which is the best for you?
  • Is the event going to have a specific theme?  Who will be responsible for decorating the venue?
  • Contact a professional DJ and book him for the event.
  • Will there be a photographer and what leeway will he have?  Will he be allowed to take photos of attendees and sell these? We partner with great professional photographers and will connect you to photographers, if you need us to do that.
  • Many corporate parties have a guest speaker.  Will this be someone from within the company, or an outside speaker.  How long will he/she speak, and when?
  • Research printers and send invitations to be printed.
  • Enlist volunteers or form a committee to go through and implement your holiday party planning checklist for a stress-free holiday season.
We have many years experience in providing DJ Services and Lighting.  For creating a memorable setting that's off-set with intelligent lighting or uplighting, contact us for more information 



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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dancing at the Wedding Reception - Music and lighting enhance the occasion

One of the things that most couples look forward to at their wedding reception is their first dance.  One of the things that most guests look forward to at the wedding reception is the bride and groom’s first dance.  The second is the bride and her father’s dance as well as the groom and his mother’s dance.   So it would be fair to say that dancing at the wedding reception is an important part of the wedding, and music can enhance the atmosphere of your wedding reception.

As a professional DJ it’s important that when I talk with a bride and/or groom I find out just how important dancing at the wedding reception is to them, as well as dancing in general.  It’s also important to get information on the demographics of the guests.  While my team of DJ’s and I are always selective about the quality of music we play, you can appreciate that on a broad scale the type of music that’s selected for a 20’s to 40’s crowd (wedding guests) would be different from that played for a largely over 60 group.

The wedding reception is a celebration for the couple and their loved ones, and bridal couples who are active on the dance floor generate more energy in the room and more people are ready to join them.   We capture and enhance the energy in the room with music and lighting which can range from ‘intelligent lighting’ to uplighting that transforms the room’s appearance and creates an atmosphere that is not possible with regular lighting.

Planning a fall wedding or a corporate party?  Contact me for more information on DJ services and the various types of lighting we offer to enhance your special occasion.


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Planning an Event: Keeping the Pieces Together for Success


Planning an event can be a really fun project even if you’re not an official Event Planner.  At the same time it’s important not to underestimate the time and effort that’s involved in taking an event from idea to reality.

Here are some points for keeping the pieces together for success in no particular order, whether you’ll be planning and executing the entire event, or you’ll be sitting down with an Event Planner to make arrangements.

Event Activities:  Make sure there are enough activities planned to keep those who attend engaged doing something fun.  One of the primary things you will want to be sure to have is music, and not just any music.  Hiring a professional DJ to provide music will give much better results as he will take your audience and the setting into consideration when making selections.

Location and Atmosphere:  Location is a key element in planning an event because this contributes to the overall atmosphere. You also want to make sure that the room can accommodate the number of guests who will be attending so there is enough elbow room to eat and socialize without feeling cramped.

Create an atmosphere:  This can be done by the decorations you use, but can also be enhanced with lighting, like uplighting or intelligent lighting in a room

planning an event-uplighting.jpg

that can change the look and feel of your event.

Get help:   If you’re not using a professional event planner, get the help of volunteers.  Having a successful event takes work and collaboration and is usually impossible to pull off by yourself.

Planning an event for success does take work, but can be a rewarding experience especially when you partner with professionals who will be responsible for specific areas like a DJ and uplighting or intelligent lighting, and getting help from volunteers. 
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