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Friday, June 28, 2013

3 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Summer Wedding

Summer is a time of fun and excitement and is also a great time for weddings, especially outdoor weddings.  Summertime allows you to express your creativity as you can introduce bold colors and vibrant themes and add sparkle to your summer wedding. 

Why not think about incorporating some of these ideas from lovewedbliss.com?

Celebrate the Great Outdoors:  Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor ceremony and reception. Take advantage of venues situated on or near the water. Riverside receptions, beach weddings and locations with a view all have instant atmosphere. Alternatively the grounds of an elegant home can be transformed into a stunning venue. A majestic marquee or grouped outdoor tables on lush lawns make a lovely garden wedding setting. Or to really embrace summer, host a wedding luncheon or summer evening affair poolside, complete with floating candles, sun umbrellas and modern decor.

Decorations that add Sparkle:  Outdoor Summer weddings give you plenty of scope to be creative when decorating your venue. Visualize twinkling fairy lights at a garden wedding, glowing lanterns enhancing an ocean view, or colorful rows of paper pom poms hanging from trees overhead. All of these types of decorations will give your wedding a lovely summery whimsical feel.

Summer Cocktail Bar:  A self-serve cocktail bar with a colorful display of bottles


 and garnishes gives a summer reception a stunning focal point and crowd pleasing element. Think lots of fresh fruit, cocktails sweetened with simple syrups and refreshing flavours. Mimosa’s, Bellini’s or Daiquiris are all popular choices and all look fabulously chic in prettycocktail glasses.


What other bright ideas can you think of to add sparkle to your summer wedding or a friend's wedding?  How about a really vibrant bouquet that would be stunning against a white gown?


Do you have questions about lighting for your summer wedding?  Contact us using the Contact form on our website or give us a call and we'll be happy to guide you through the different options that can help to add sparkle to your summer wedding.


Image: lovewebbliss.com 


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Friday, June 21, 2013

Use Uplighting to Enhance Your Wedding Reception


 Use Uplighting to Enhance Your Wedding Reception


There was a time when lighting for the wedding reception location involved


 simple considerations like, deciding if you wanted colored light bulbs to create a cozy atmosphere, was there a dimmer to control the brilliance, and just simple things like that.

Now planning the lighting for a wedding involves numerous options.  There is uplighting, intelligent lighting, pin spot, color wash and the list goes on.  Lighting can make the difference in creating the desired atmosphere for your wedding reception and this is why you’ll find that it’s in your best interest to contact an expert and someone who specializes in lighting to make sure you get the desired effect.  In addition, it’s important to have someone check out the electrical needs to take care of any additional lighting and power to operate a DJ operated music system.

What is uplighting?


As the name suggests, the lights beam from the ground and are aimed strategically for the greatest impact to project light off the wall or at particular objects.  Uplighting can be used to create a specific type of atmosphere that brings life to the room and enhances the wedding reception.

To learn more about how intelligent lighting differs from uplighting, click here to read our post about intelligent lighting.

To discuss your uplighting or other lighting and learn how to use uplighting to enhance your wedding reception, as well as DJ services for your wedding, contact: George Mr G Coles through our website or by calling 772.834.1974.


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Friday, June 14, 2013

Celebrate Your Fourth of July party at the Park with Friends and Family


In most parts of the United States Fourth of July parties are a big deal, and as a Dee Jay I’m often very impressed with the creative ideas and places that people want to celebrate America’s Independence Day.  The next Fourth of July celebrations are just around the corner.  Are you ready?  Where do you plan to have fun?

In today’s post and in my next two posts I’m going to share some creative ideas of locations and food for holding your Fourth of July party celebration.  Let’s start with a park.  Parks are not only for children’s birthday parties.  They can be great venues for adults to hang out with each other as well as with children.  The other thing is that they’re usually free or low cost, even if you want to rent a pavilion.

Here’s an idea:  What if you were to make the park your base for the day.  Since there are usually parades during the morning in many places, you could select a park that’s along the route of the parade and set up your food, a small tent, if you’re allowed to do so, beverages in a cooler, sunscreen for everyone, and a happy attitude.

Some people pack enough food to last the whole day including snacks and beverages. They may plan to eat one meal “out” as a nice treat, especially if children are involved. If beverages and snacks are available for purchase you could decide to buy some of those at the park or somewhere close by to reduce the weight of the cooler.

Planning to share your next Fourth of July party celebrations with other families can enhance the experience for everyone involved.

What about music?  The party would be incomplete without music!  After the parades are over, you want to keep the spirit of celebration alive with various types of music that everyone can enjoy. Once daylight is ending, let the fireworks begin!

Start planning your Fourth of July party right way!  If you’d like to talk with us about providing music for your party, whether it’s in the park or later in the night, please contact us at 772. 834.1974 or you may contact us by clicking here and sending us an email.

What’s your favorite Independence Day celebration memory?  Please share in the comments below.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Plan Your Wedding Photography On a Budget
DJs/weddingphotography.JPGPlanning your wedding photography and selecting a wedding photographer for your big day are important decisions. These photos will tell the story of your Wedding Day for years to come.
In my business I work with photographers who are some of the best in their field, but I also work with clients who share with me that they would love to have great photographs that last a lifetime and beyond, but they are on a budget.

My frank advice is that if you you want the best, use the best!  However, I do 
understand that many brides are planning their wedding on a budget. The costs of your wedding photos can add up quickly. You will need to pay the photographer a fee for covering your wedding; there will be additional charges for your wedding prints and any albums you order. Here are some ideas for saving money on your wedding photography.

5 Tips for Wedding Photography on a Budget 

1)   Don't shop for a wedding package. Many photography studios will offer bridal packages that include various prints and albums, and perhaps a CD of digital photos. This may not be the most affordable option for you though. Instead of signing up for a regular wedding package, pick and choose the options you want. You might be able to put together a smaller package that is within your budget.
You can also be honest and let the photographer know your budget and let him or her tell you what he or she can do for that price. If they understand that cost is a concern, they may be willing to work with you instead of losing the entire sale.
2)   Hold your wedding off-season. Certain seasons and months are always more popular for weddings. By holding your wedding in an off-season, you might be able to score a discount on your photography. Your other wedding purchases might be less expensive then too.
3)   Use digital photography. Look for a photographer who offers digital photography, instead of just traditional photography. This can save you money because you can order a CD of digital photos along with your regular prints. Just order the regular prints you need right now, and order more later when you are able to. You might also decide not to print more and just keep them in a digital format.

4)   Hire the photographer for a shorter session. The more time your photographer spends at your wedding, the more you will be charged. Instead of hiring the photographer for the entire wedding, just have professional coverage of the ceremony.
Ask friends and family to cover the reception for you. That can help decrease your costs significantly.  I often perform at weddings where there is a disposable camera on each table and family and friends take turns snapping photos. A lot of brides and their families like them because they're more candid shots rather than staged or posed.

5)   Hire a student. College students learning photography are eager to cover weddings. Their work may not be professional grade, but it could still be of very good quality. Their prices will be a lot lower as well. For students, weddings are good opportunities to build their photography portfolio. Another option is to hire someone who moonlights as a photographer.

Your wedding photographs will be displayed and enjoyed for years to come. It is worth your time to choose a photographer you'll be comfortable with, but, if you're on a budget, you must work within your budget. 

On of my favorite wedding resources is http://weddingwire.com and on that site they promote the blog Style Me Pretty. That site features some of the most gorgeous phtographs, and you can visit the site to get ideas of poses and the type of shots you may want to incorporate into your wedding photography.
To get more information on some of the photographers I partner with and recommend, just use the Contact form to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Intelligent Lighting: Why Use Intelligent Lighting at Your Event

What is Intelligent Lighting?

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/ Intelligent Lighting refers to stage lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination. Although the most advanced intelligent lights can produce extraordinarily complex effects, the intelligence lies with the programmer of the show rather than the instruments or the lighting operator. For this reason, intelligent lighting is also known as automated lighting, moving lights or moving heads.

When you first hear the term "intelligent ligting" you may wonder what on earth is that, but if you have ever been to a concert or even to a night club, you've experienced intelligent lighting in action.  The Boomer Generation may well remember the term "psychadelic lights" of the late 60's and 70's.  The basic concepts are pretty similar.

Why Use Intelligent Lighting at Your Event

Lighting can change the atmosphere and ambience of any setting.  It can change the atmosphere of your wedding, your anniversary, your graduation or birthday party.  Just picture a beautiful ballroom or auditorium where you, your friends, and relatives are gathered for a fun evening and the regular overhead lights are down, everyone is swinging to the music and having a good time.  Sounds ok, right?

Now imagine the same scene, but now there are lights flashing to the beat of the music that alternate in color and positioning.  Suddenly the same room takes on a different atmosphere.  There is more energy in the room and more laughter because intelligent lighting creates a rapid change in mood and effect.  Intelligent lighting can create a blue effect and with the change of a button your room changes to red effects.  It can also create a multi-colored pulsating effect that beams from different directions.

When you use intelligent lighting at your event, you can be assured that if you’re planning the occasion for yourself or planning for someone else, everyone will be thrilled and the guests will talk about your party long after the event is over.


For more information on using intelligent lighting at your next event, please contact me by phone at 772.834.1974 or through the Contact form on my website. I'll be happy to explain further and give you more details.

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