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Monday, May 27, 2013

Bridal Bouquets: Creative Bridal Bouquets That Donít Cost the Earth

Your Wedding Day

DJs/bridalbouquetofroses.jpgYour wedding day! So many things to do and to purchase.The wedding gown is usually the main focus of most weddings. But the perfect gown needs the perfect accessory – just the right bridal bouquet. It completes the image of the bride and will be admired forever in the wedding photographs. 

Some bridal bouquets can be very expensive. Even if your bouquet does double-duty as a centerpiece during the reception, you may think twice about the cost of just the bouquet and decide if it's worth spending a lot of money for just this one item. Here are some suggestions from Wedding Planners for creative bridal bouquets that don’t cost the earth.


Inexpensive Bridal Bouquets:

Your local flower shops aren't the only place to look for bridal bouquets. Think creatively and look online for a floral supplier that will deliver your bouquet to you. You can also shop for flowers at Costco, other Wholesale Clubs,  or at a Farmer's Market. 

These places sell beautiful arrangements of flowers that you can put together into a bouquet.


Fresh Flowers:

Instead of going to a floral store and paying them to create a bouquet for you, consider creating 


your own hand-tied bouquet with flowers from the garden. To turn fresh cut flowers into a bouquet, wrap the stems together with an elastic band and then cover them with a broad ribbon and bow. You can even grow your own bridal bouquet by planting your favorite flowers well ahead of time and then cutting them for the big day. 


Faux Bridal Bouquets:

Fresh flowers can be pretty pricey. You can keep the cost of your bouquet down by taking another creative approach and using faux flowers instead. Silk flowers are one way you could go, and are easy to find at a hobby or craft store. Remember silk flowers come in various types, and it's hard to distinguish many silk flowers from real ones without touching them. You could also consider another type of floral bouquet. How about a bouquet made of ribbon flowers, cookies or candy? 


Non-Floral Bouquet:

Perhaps you don't need to carry flowers at all. Some unique plants and greenery can be put together to make a creative and attractive bridal bouquet. Some examples of plants that would work well are ferns, pussy willows and ivy. For a Fall wedding, you could carry a bouquet of colourful fall leaves. 


No Bouquet:

It may be that you would prefer to not carry a bridal bouquet at all. Instead of flowers, you might choose to carry a meaningful object down the aisle with you. A precious family heirloom might be the perfect accessory for your gown. For an evening wedding, a lit candle; or for a beach wedding you could carry a beautiful shell. Some brides may even elect to carry nothing at all and wear a pair of beautiful gloves or a muff instead. 

The bridal bouquet is an important part of your day, but you don't always need to spend a lot of money to create the look you want.  You can find creative bridal bouquets that don't cost the earth, yet are elegant and beautiful.

What are your thoughts on using alternatives to floral bouquets for the bride?  Please share in the comments.



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Monday, May 20, 2013

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Planning Your Graduation Party with Style

Planning your graduation party, whether you're the person graduating, or you're planning this for someone else involves a number of factors.  There are some things that will make your party memorable and will add style and pizzazz to your occasion.  

Create a theme 

A theme is a fun thing to do, and people love themes because it allows them to show their creativity. Remember that although the graduate is the focus of the event, the party will be a lot more fun when guests become involved.  

The theme can be reflected in the tableware and decor, but asking your guests to dress in the spirit of the theme or bring along something that reflects the theme of the event will add style and allow for a fun time.

In the article "How to Throw a Graduation Party: 8 Steps" at http://www.wikihow.com/Throw-a-Graduation-Party 8 tips are given that can help to ensure that planning your graduation party with style will be successful.

Under the heading "Figure out a Budget" it mentions that if you can you should hire a DJ.  As a DJ for many years, and having DJ'd many graduation parties, I can assure you that having a DJ changes the entire atmosphere of your party.  

Are you planning your graduation party with style? Would you like to have a professional DJ at your graduation party or at the one you're planning?  Click here to contact me for more information.

Share your ideas in the comments section on your best ideas for planning a graduation idea. 

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